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The Cascade Factor Robert Zeisler

The Cascade Factor

Robert Zeisler

Published October 29th 2003
ISBN : 9780595660865
200 pages
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 About the Book 

A high-voltage thriller as electrifying as todays headlines. Marly McCalley, a secretive computer expert, is thrown from her Chicago high-rise, leading police to tag her boyfriend, Zack Dreyben, as their prime suspect. Struggling to prove his innocence, Zack narrowly escapes his own murder and soon realizes that he, too, is a target. Unwittingly, Zack has become embroiled in an anarchists plot to destroy the electrical infrastructure of the U.S. But, rather than using explosives or hijacked jets, this ingenious scheme is designed to attack the power grid using the Internet, prompting the grid into cascading failures of self-destruction. Trains and subways will stall. Fuel and water supplies will evaporate. Worst of all, survival riots will violently pit citizen against citizen. Until now, the important things in Zacks life have been limited to business success and his current lover. Suddenly thrown into a struggle of monumental importance, Zack must confront not only his own death, but the deaths of additional thousands. Who is Zack Dreyben? And, can he muster the courage and command to save himself and the American way of life?