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Like a Discus Thrower Christos Hadjipapas

Like a Discus Thrower

Christos Hadjipapas

Published 2009
ISBN : 9789963620685
163 pages
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 About the Book 

Christos Hadjipapas was born in Cyprus in 1947. He studied Veterinary Medicine in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has published two collections of poems, three novels: The color of the blue hyacinth (1989), In the lure of the black moon (1993), In the eye of the Serpant (2000), as well as three collections of short-stories: The big lie (1981), Absolutely normal (1984), Eros in the furnace. (2001) Four of his books, two novels and two collections of short-stories have been awarded the Cyprus State Literary Prize in 1993, 2000 and 1984, 2001 respectively. Most of them have been published by esteemed publishing houses in Athens (Kastaniotis, Livanis, Sychroni Epochi). Works by Christos Hadjipapas have been translated and included in various anthologies in the German, Russian, English, Turkish, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Albanian languages. His latest novel, In the eye of the Serpant was published by “Balkani” Editions in Sofia as part of the series “Balkan Library” that features the most well known authors in the Balkans. Christos Hadjipapas and his wife Vasilka Petrova Hadjipapas, of Bulgarian descent, have translated from Bulgarian to Greek poetry, drama and prose.